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I have worked with computers and programming since the end of the 70's. From old PDP's to high end multi-CPU systems and computer clusters. I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects in very different business areas and for many different customers. This has given me a broad knowledge of system development. I hope that my experience is something that I can bring into all projects that I am engaged in and that this will help me create good system solutions.
I do contract work in the software development and database area, mainly Oracle systems. Experience from business areas such as: manufacturing, banking, finance and customer relations.
Feel free to drop me an email if you like, please don't hesitate to contact me if you need help.

View or save my resume if needed

I work with:

  • Business Analysis
  • System Architecture
  • On-line Transactional Systems
  • Database Design, Implementation & Security
  • Oracle Performance and Tuning
  • Oracle Installations, Migrations and Upgrades
  • Oracle Database Versions 4-11, Oracle RAC
  • Linux, Unix, Windows, VMS
  • Database & Application Tuning, Troubleshooting & reviews
  • Oracle SQL and PL/SQL development and optimization

Skills and Experiences

Operating systems:
  • Unix systems: Hp-Ux, SUN/Solaris, IBM/Aix...
  • Linux, different versions since 1985
    (RedHat, Fedora, Mandrake, Debian, Slackware)
  • Ms-Dos and Ms-Windows
  • VMS and OpenVms
  • OS/2, Primos, Gcos, DG-Ux and other, now exotic Operating systems
Graphical Environments:
  • MS-Windows
  • X11, ( with GUI systems like KDE, Gnome,
    fmv and ratpoison)
  • Web-Applications
  • OS/2
  • Oracle Rdbms, Tools and utilities
  • Oracle Database Administration
  • Oracle RAC
  • MySql
  • PostgreSQL
Development languages:
  • ERD and UML modeling
  • Several High Level Development and Design Tools:
  • Oracle*Forms and Oracle*Reports
  • Oracle Designer and Generators
  • Php, HTML, javascript
  • Script-languages like shell-scrips (dos, sh and bash)
  • COBOL, Fortran, C/C++
  • TCP/IP, Decnet, Async-protocols, ppp, X25...
  • Network solutions and architecture
  • Distributed databases and replication
  • i86 based systems
  • Firewalls and Routers
  • Network Installations and Configuration
  • Embedded systems and Smartcards
Education, Held numerous courses in:
  • Database development
  • Database design
  • Database administration

I work with databases


And OpenSource Sw


I use fedora linux

try it or try

Ubuntu or PcLinuxOs

Share information and knowledge!


I'm based in Jersey, Available for assignments in all of Europe, On-Site or Remote. Call or mail me!

Jersey Linux User Group

Jersey Linux User Group

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